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Our mantra is, “Pain Relief before Performance”.

How It Works:

Your Pain to Play training begins with an individualized assessment using the Personalize 2 Optimize neuroscience-based model that is backed by the latest research in neuroscience. We’ll assess your areas of pain, the neurology systems that are connected to your movement, breathing, and pain, and then create a specific plan to create the solutions for your challenges or goals.

Here are the key areas to understand the process to reach your goals of getting back to activity and optimized movement:


Let’s start here:

Your brain has two primary functions:

  • Survival
  • Movement

The brain, via the nervous system, does three primary things:

  • Receives input (from the visual, vestibular and proprioceptive systems)
  • Decides what those inputs mean and what to do about them (we call this integration & processing)
  • Creates motor output (by deciding and acting on the inputs)

Pain is – 100% of the time – an output of the brain. This doesn’t mean that muscles, connective tissues, and joints are uninvolved, but it does mean that these tissues can only send input signals to the brain… they cannot generate pain themselves, in isolation.

So whenever you feel pain, it is actually a decision, or a construct, made by the brain based on the input signals and its perception of threat from those systems that are sending them.


Because we know that pain is an output of the brain, we can understand also that pain is an indicator of threat, or an action signal telling us to do something different. It’s not an indicator of damage.

Pain is produced when the brain perceives that threat, or danger, to body tissues exists and action is required.

Pain is part of the human body’s survival system; thus, any threat, from any system, can be interpreted as “dangerous” and result in pain signals.

Here are some of the threats that could be contributing to your pain signals:

  • Work Stress
  • Relationships
  • Poor Balance
  • Poor Movement Patterns
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Poor Sleep Patterns
  • Exercise
  • Poor Visual Skills
  • Poor Breathing

Pain is

An overload of ANY of these threats can produce an output of pain, virtually anywhere in the body. Essentially, the brain is using pain to try to make you slow down, or stop doing whatever you’re doing, because it feels unsafe.

Pain is Individual and Specific:

Everyone responds differently to the same stimuli. For Example. Two people being struck by the same force in the same area will often have two different internal experiences. Two people who have had the “same” biomechanical injury may have different experiences of pain, and different durations of rehab, during their healing process.

Why? Because it’s all about the brain.

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