Optimize Your Athleticism

When you engage in the Personalize 2 Optimize
brain-based training, you’ll be able to:

Make the impossible possible
Make the possible easy
Make the easy elegant

Just like all of our programs, this one follows the dictum: YOU MUST BE HEALTHY BEFORE YOU CAN BE FIT.

That is why you’ll find Foundational Neuro Training at the foundation of all stages in The Optimize Your Athleticism program.

When your brain and nervous system are optimized for full function, your body can move, perform, and excel the way you want it to!

When you train to Optimize Your Athleticism, you’ll learn:

Pain Relief And

Body Composition

Movement shouldn’t be punishment!  The first stage of optimization is where you overcome pain conditions, build your neuro foundation, and implement behavioral change tools… the result?  Body composition changes start to EASILY occur. You’ll feel better, move more easily, and actually enjoy your training and/or sport activities!

Injury Prevention

And Body Composition

Next, you’ll develop even greater mobility, visual, vestibular, and respiratory skills. This stage will also help you continue reducing the chances of injury and/or pain conditions reoccurring. By doing so, you’ll realize even greater body composition changes and your performance will improve again!



In the top-level optimization training, you’ll move to advanced mobility, visual, vestibular, and respiratory training, in order to skyrocket your performance, reduce injury risk, develop resilience for your sport or training, and Optimize Your Body!  Once you’re here, the journey isn’t over. Finally, it is time for you to optimize your athleticism for longevity and life-long enjoyment… You won’t even recognize yourself!

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  • Comprehensive assessment of your individual nervous system using the Personalize 2 Optimize Assessment Model.
  • Implement your program using the P2O Brain-Based Athletic Development Model.
  • Each session is constant monitoring of your body and nervous system to make sure every exercise or drill and the dose/reps are optimized for you, thus we are personalizing every dose/rep of exercise or drill to the you.
  •  Every session is about OPTIMIZING your nervous system so you are always moving towards your goal as quickly as possible.

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