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with Online Training:

Our packages are conducted via Zoom from the comfort and convenience of your home (or office).  Each package below begins with our personalized assessment of your current condition, health history, and neurological performance and then we help you craft the optimal training program for your body & brain.  Typical sessions are 50-55 minutes, once a week, and include at-home training exercises to keep you performing at your best every day of the week.

All of our packages are expertly crafted with this scientific dictum in mind: You MUST Be Health To Be Fit!

Optimize Your Health
13 Weeks

  • This package addresses pain relief, performance blocks, and body composition
  • You’ll learn appropriate sustenance practices (Nutrition, Breathing, & Behavioral Change fundamentals addressed)
  • You’ll get RESULTS, including Better Mobility, More Stability and Greater Strength!

Optimize Your Wellness & Prevent Injury | 26 Weeks

  • This package builds up your resilience & longevity in training to optimize your wellness
  • You’ll learn to prevent injury reoccurrence & reduce nagging pains so you can perform at your best!
  • You’ll get motivated for training & fitness by seeing your progress, and then reach your personalized fitness goals in these 6 months!

Transform Your Fitness
39 Weeks

  • In this package you will continue to build your Mobility, Stability, and Strength
  • You’ll be exposed to our full “9S Training System” (Strength, Speed, Skill/Style, Stamina, and more!)
  • You will set and ACHIEVE athletic goals that you didn’t even think were possible!

Transform Your Performance
52 Weeks

  • In this program you will set and reach your Athletic/Sports goals repeatedly
  • You’ll utilize the entire 9S System for Athletic Performance Enhancement
  • You’ll learn and create your own fitness goals & maintenance programs for health & wellness

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Upcoming Group Online Programs:

At P2O we have two Online Group Training Classes; one is “Unleashing Your Master Motivator” which is a Behavioral Change Boot Camp and the other is “Awaken Your Inner Athlete” which is a Foundational Athletic Development Boot Camp.

Below are the key points of both Classes:

Unleashing Your Master Motivator

  • Clear Step by Step Pathway to Developing the Skill of Motivation
  • Developing the Skills of Behavioral Change to Achieve any Goal
  • 12 Week Boot Camp for Developing the Skills to Make Behavioral Change Sustainable for Any Goal
  • Learn about the Neurology of Unleashing Your Master Motivator

Awaken Your Inner Athlete: 3 Pillars Strong Boot Camp

  • Move Well
  • Balance Well
  • See Well
  • Learn Why Everyone is an Athlete
  • 12 Week Boot Camp for Developing a Foundation to any Athletic Goal
  • Each Participant will fill out an Intake Form and have a Stated Goal
  • Learn about the Neurology of the Awakening Your Inner Athlete

How It Works:

We use the ZHealth Performance Solutions unique 8 Step Model that is backed by the latest research in neuroscience to arrive and individualize each client/athlete’s solution to their challenges or goals. At the foundation of our coaching is Behavioral Modification.

Below are the key areas to understanding the techniques

Getting Started

An initial assessment is given, below is what is included. Request your assessment today with our enquire form.

  • Comprehensive assessment of your nervous system using the Personalize 2 Optimize Brain-Based Assessment Model.
  • Implement your program using the P2O Athletic Development Model.
  • Each session is constant monitoring of your nervous system to make sure every exercise or drill and the dose/reps are optimized for you, thus we are personalizing every dose/rep of exercise or drill to you.
  • Every session is about OPTIMIZING your body and nervous system so you are always moving towards your goal as quickly as possible.

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