Who are P2O?

What we Believe

You earned the body you are in and to change it to be the New You whether your goal is Pain Relief, Weight Loss(Body Composition), Performance Enhancement(Life/Sport), Injury Prevention the foundation to the new you is Behavior Modification.

Behavior Modification Coaching(Individualized to you) + Exercises/Drills/Sustenance(Nutrition) = The New You!

Three principles upon which we operate are the following:

  • Everyone is an athlete whether you work in the office, stay at home parent or in the field of play.
  • Pain is anything that prevents you from moving optimally. Such as muscle tightness, muscle tension, tendon and ligament dysfunction, vision, vestibular, proprioceptive and respiratory dysfunction.
  • You must be healthy first before you can get fit!

Zhealth & Neuroscience

What we Believe

The Team

Basil Butcher

Basil Butcher is a former multi-sport athlete at the U-19 level. After injuring his back three times he switched careers and became a Pain Relief/Performance Enhancement Movement Coach guiding his clients out of pain and enhanced performance in Life and Sport many times after they has seen several other practitioners with only temporary relief to their challenges. He has been educated by NASM, CHEK Institute, Barral Institute and ZHealth Performance Solutions. He has been in practice for the last 18+ years and has worked with clients from every walk of life and athletes across several sports.

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