You earned the body you are in, and in order to change it to become the New You, whether your goal is Pain Relief, Performance Enhancement (for Life or Sport), Weight Loss (Body Composition), or Injury Prevention, the foundation to the new you is Behavior Modification.

Behavior Modification Coaching (Individualized to you) + Exercises/Drills/Nutrition = The New You!

Three principles upon which we operate are the following:

  • Everyone is an athlete, whether you work in the office, are a stay at home parent, or are regularly on the field of play.
  • Pain is anything that prevents you from moving optimally, such as muscle tightness, muscle tension, tendon and ligament dysfunction, vision, vestibular, proprioceptive, or respiratory dysfunction.
  • You must be healthy, before you can truly get fit!

Meet The Team

Basil Butcher

Basil Butcher has always been passionate about Cricket. It began in his mother’s womb, as his father was a world-famous cricketer in England and for the West Indies National Team while she was pregnant, and Basil was born in the middle of the season. He often attended training with his dad after he moved into coaching, and his exposure to the highest-levels of the sport never ended.

Basil is certified as a Level-3 Cricket Coach, which means he is qualified to coach the highest level players and teams in the world. He served as Head Coach to the USA Women’s Cricket Team and as Technical Advisor for the Atlantic Region 15-Seniors. He also served USA Cricket as Head  Trainer/Physio at the 2013 and 2015 World Qualifiers and World Championships in Sri Lanka.

Basil has also developed an online training program for Cricketers around the world that focuses on training the skills that are often overlooked by coaches (and trainers/physios). This program sets his athletes apart by utilizing the incredible power of neurological training to develop their foundational and elite-level performance.

Other than cricket, Basil was a multi-sport athlete, competing in tennis, basketball, soccer, table tennis and other sports. He went on to play cricket at the Junior and National Junior levels before developing his love of health.

After high-school, he pursued a pre-med degree in University, but found that allopathic medicine didn’t resonate and decided to move into the training world after college, where he has worked for over 30 years.

In the 1990’s, Basil moved into the elite world of health & fitness by completing a 5-year advanced educational program at the Chek Institute and founded his own business in 1999. Basil used the Chek principles to rehab his own previous injuries and pains. Then he moved into the most elite level of health, and took his education far beyond traditional fitness by completing a full curriculum in Osteopathy from world-renowned French osteopath, Jean-Pierre Barral.

During his osteopathy learning, Basil learned that there was one more level that needed to be brought to his clients, athletes, and professional athletes: that is, the impact of working with neurological systems directly, rather than through the muscles, joints, and connective tissue. This discovery led him to Z-Health Performance Solutions, where he did a 5-year program of applied neurology learning and became a Z-Health Master Practitioner (the highest level of education possible).

Because of the power of neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to change the way it works), Basil has helped thousands of clients over the years be able to change their health, change their habits, and change their life. He is masterfully skilled in athletic training, pain relief, body composition change, and injury prevention. He believes that no matter where you are, it’s never too late to start, and it’s never too much to change.

Now, Basil invites YOU to join him on the journey to health & wellness, no matter what kind of athlete you are: professional or amateur cricketer, professional athlete, recreational athlete, or fitness enthusiast. Now is the right time to personalize your health & wellness approach and optimize your life and your performance!

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